Noel Gallagher Admits To "Unconscious" Borrowing

7 November 2008, 11:47 | Updated: 31 August 2013, 22:57


Noel Gallagher has admitted to "unconsciously" taking ideas from other songs. However, the Oasis guitarist and songwriter insisted that he doesn't usually realise he's lifted something from another record.

Speaking to Plavi Radio in Zagreb, Gallagher said:  "People accuse us of sitting there and listening to the Beatles all day and all that, but I mean we don't, you know. It's not a conscious thing where we're like, 'Right we must write something avant-garde here.' You know what I mean? It's kind of if it happens naturally then we'll do it. If it doesn't then we won't, you know. We do like sitting around strumming acoustic guitars."

Recently, Cliff Richard fans claimed that the song 'The Turning' from the new Oasis album 'Dig Out Your Soul' bore similarities to the veteran rocker's hit 'Devil Woman'. Before that, the 1994 hit 'Whatever' was the subject of a plagiarism court case between the band and Monty Python musician Neil Innes's song 'How Sweet To Be An Idiot'.

Meanwhile, Noel has hit back at people who compare his band to Radiohead. "Correct me if I'm wrong, they've been making the same record since Kid A, have they not?" he scoffed. ""I like them. Every time I see them live they blow me away, but you know, it's kind of, we make very accessible rock and roll music, and they constantly make difficult electronic records. It's not a criticism of them, and it shouldn't be a criticism of us."