Is Liam Gallagher Teaming Up With Snow Patrol's Johnny McDaid On His New Music?

4 July 2016, 15:58 | Updated: 4 July 2016, 16:06

Liam Gallagher in 2014

The Oasis man previously called the band "Snore Patrol" on Twitter.

Liam Gallagher is enlisting the help of Snow Patrol's Johnny McDaid, says The Sun.

According to reports, the former Oasis frontman is joining forces with the Northern Irish musician and producer to help re-launch his solo career.

A music insider revealed to The Sun: “It’s all set to kick off with Liam, but this time it’s about the music.

“He’s actually been rather savvy, getting on board some established and well-respected writers, like Johnny, despite his negative views on Snow Patrol previously."

Liam Gallagher once tweeted negatively about the Run band, taking the opportunity to have a dig about his brother Noel at the same time, writing: 

See his tweet below: 

Liam Gallagher Snore Patrol Tweet screengrab

The source added: “Liam still has the support of the hardcore Oasis following who will be keen to buy his records.

“Whether or not he can still attract other music lovers will be down to his new material.”

Gallagher teased his comeback last week, when he tweeted that rock n roll was back:

However, as always, his fans mistook his cryptic tweet for Oasis reunion news, confirming it wasn't on the cards because his brother Noel was "not into it".

Soon after Liam took to Twitter once again to slate a recent interview his brother gave and to make sure people knew he was in no means desperate to go "cap in hand" to his brother.

Well that settles that then.... For now at least.