Bonehead: I'm closer to Liam now than I was in Oasis

2 May 2014, 12:01 | Updated: 2 May 2014, 13:23

Oasis in 1994

Bonehead has told Radio X he is pleased he has managed to remain friends with his former Oasis bandmates.

"I'm probably closer to Liam now than I was then and I was pretty close to him then - it's all good," he told Tim Cocker on the Radio X Manchester Breakfast Show.

"Was on the phone to Alan White last week, Guigs the week before, went to see Noel up in Glasgow with his band when they first came out with High Flying Birds so it's all good. It's got to be hasn't it? I didn't go out with a bang and a pile of fists, thank God. So everything's cool."

Bonehead was with Liam Gallagher the night of the now infamous Oasis tweets - the frontman spelt out the band's name letter by letter, leading to a speculation frenzy about a possible reformation.

"I met up with him, just for a couple of beers after he tweeted it and he didn't even mention to me that he'd tweeted it so I was completely unaware that he'd tweeted that until the next day when I saw it all going mad," Bonehead said.

"I did tweet three letters the next day - PUB - that got as much of a reaction. It sums up the band doesn't it? What they're about and what they mean to people really."

The guitarist also said he had no inside information on if the band will be getting back together but admitted he'd love it if they did.

"Don't ask me, who knows, stranger things have happened but I don't know. You're asking the wrong person for that. It would be nice if they did wouldn't it?

"Yes, I'd be there like a shot and I'd do it for nothing. That's all I can say but it's not for me to say yes there will be. I don't know."

Meanwhile, on Tuesday morning's Radio X breakfast show we will be exclusively unveiling another, previously uneard, Oasis recording taken from the forthcoming re-issue of classic début album Definitely Maybe (released on 19 May).
Recorded at the same Paris in-store session in 1994 as the version of Live Forever that we've been playing recently, on Tuesday we will premiere an acoustic version of Shakermaker.


Bonehead on The Radio X Manchester Breakfast Show by Radio X Radio on Mixcloud


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