WATCH: Noel Gallagher's Wife Sara Is On His New Album Cover

23 November 2017, 21:41 | Updated: 23 November 2017, 22:10

The Holy Mountain rocker has told Radio X's Gordon Smart how his spouse came to feature on his Who Built The Moon? LP.

Noel Gallagher has revealed that his wife Sara MacDonald features on the cover of his new album.

Asked about his Who Built The Moon? artwork, he told Radio X's Gordon Smart: "That is my missus. My lovely Sara."

He added: "How Sara's ended up on that cover, the original shot was a picture that Gareth Halliday had cut out of a National Geographic magazine.

"It was a woman pretty much in the same pose. It was a woman in Havana in Cuba."

Revealing the last minute phone call he'd received telling him they could no longer use the photo, he recalled thinking: "Who on earth is going to do this in two days? Hang on a second... Sara? 

"[She goes] 'What?' [I say] 'What are you doing tomorrow? See this girl on the cover of this album? Think you could do that?'"

Joking about how his wife agreed her terms before she accepted the job, he added: "She said, 'Can I choose the clothes?' [I said] 'Yep.' 

"'Can I keep the clothes?' 

"'You're not getting paid though. Don't start being a diva now!'"

The Oasis legend also told Gordon Smart that his band laughed about how his brother Liam would react to his scissors player, revealing his bassist Russ Pritchard joked: "'Do you know what that sound is? That’s the sound of Liam glassing himself'. 

Watch the video below:

He added: "Then on the night it was on the TV, somebody quipped, 'It’s almost like she’s snipping away at the last ribbons of Liam’s sanity!'

"We laughed all the way home. I adore that girl, she’s amazing. She means it, this is not a joke."

Noel Gallagher's Who Built The Moon? album is set for release on Friday on 24 November. 

Listen to his bonus track from the record, Dead In The Water, below: