The "Noel Gallagher Lookalike" Was The Weirdest Story Of 2017

31 December 2017, 14:35

Noel Gallagher

The bizarre reports of a man "swigging from a bottle of White Lightning" were made to Swindon Police back in October...

In October, it was reported that Swindon Police were searching for a Noel Gallagher lookalike, after they received reports of a man causing a nuisance in the area.

As reported by the Swindon Advertiser, the North Swindon Police took to their Facebook page on 21 October to write: "You know it’s going to be one of those shifts when you get a report of 'A Noel Gallagher lookalike swigging from a bottle of White Lightning and licking windows!'"

See their post here:

A spokesman told the Swindon Advertiser: "We received reports of a man resembling Noel Gallagher in Swindon at around 5.30pm yesterday who appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and was licking windows – not a Wonderwall and he may have been Half the World Away."

Noel himself took to Instagram to say: "Nowt to do with me mate. I'm still away on holiday."


Nowt to do with me mate. I'm still away on holiday.

A post shared by Noel Gallagher (@themightyi) onOct 25, 2017 at 7:42am PDT

The hunt for the lookalike was called off a week later as the mystery man could not be found.