Noel Gallagher: People Still Want To Live In 1995

25 November 2017, 08:00

The musician dismissed critics who dismiss his new music, saying "There's no going back from here".

Noel Gallagher has addressed critics of his new music, and suggested that "the next few years are not going to be fun" for them.

Hinting at fans that might be stuck on his Oasis past, Gallagher revealed: "You know there’s still people who want to live through 1995, and that’s great. But we lived through 1995, and that’s kind of what we did then, it’s not what we do now. 

"And I must say to them if you’re in any way mildly disappointed by this record, then the next few years are not going to be fun for you, because there’s no going back from here.” 

He added: "I reckon in the long run, people will adore this record because it’s got more legs than the other two, for sure."

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Speaking to Radio X's John Kennedy about some of the mixed reactions to his new material, he said: "It’s funny doing the promo for this record so far, I suddenly realised that the people who are not having this album the most… are the people who haven’t heard it. They’ve heard the trailer, and a bit of Holy Mountain.

"People were very, very sure that they were not having this album" he added during the exclusive track-by-track playback of his Who Built The Moon? album. 

"That’s fascinating, that you are willing to just dismiss it because of what you think it is. Partly that was intentional, because on the trailer I put the most divisive music on there. 

“But what is slightly bemusing is that people that already hate it, they profess to love John Lennon, they idolise John Lennon. I was saying to a guy, I guarantee you their grandparents booed Bob Dylan. I guarantee you their grandparents are the ones that drove John Lennon into the arms of New York, never to return, because of his weird missus, do you know what I mean? It’s just a thing that you’ve got to deal with."