WATCH: Noel Gallagher Just LOVES Doing Accents

28 November 2017, 17:33 | Updated: 30 November 2017, 12:59

See the Holy Mountain singer do his best Irish, Aussie, Cockney, French and American drawl.

Noel Gallagher visited Radio X HQ last week to celebrate the release of his third solo album.

While John Kennedy, Gordon Smart and Russell Brand never quite got to the bottom of which man built the moon, we did discover that Noel just can't resist doing an accent.

In fact, he actually can't seem to tell a story without doing one. 

Watch our video below and see the Fort Knox singer take on saarf London, French, Irish, Aussie and American via Matthew McConnaghey.

Meanwhile, Noel also revealed that he's a big fan of Big Shaq and wants to take him on tour.

Watch our video here:

Speaking about how he first came across the Man's Not Hot star, Noel told Radio X’s Gordon Smart: “I came back from New York the other day and I was in the kitchen with my two lads who, as you know, are ten and seven.

“I told one of them to take his hoodie off while he’s having his lunch. He said – and I’d never heard it before - he said, 'Mans not hot'.

“I was like, what? And he went, ‘Mans not hot’. And I went, ‘Who’s not hot?’. And he went 'Man'."