Noel Gallagher Messes Up Champagne Supernova And Tells The Crowd "I'm In Charge"

5 September 2016, 09:19 | Updated: 5 September 2016, 10:05

Noel Gallagher Kendal Calling Performance 2016

Noel Gallagher was performing the classic track at Ireland's Electric Picnic this weekend.

Noel Gallagher. He must have performed Champagne Supernova live hundreds of times. But on Saturday night at Ireland's Electric Picnic Festival, he had a bit of a cock up.

After beginning the track, he seems to forget the lyrics. He begins to bellow out the first chorus before realising that something's gone wrong and stopping the show. The crowd continued to sing whilst the band found their place.

"Carry on, we fucked it up," Gallagher then said. "I'm in charge, I get to fuck it up."

You can watch the footage below.

In other Gallagher news, Liam recently announced his return to music. According to Music Week, the former Oasis frontman has signed a recording contract with Warner Bros. Records UK, and will be releasing his first solo studio effort in 2017.