Noel Gallagher reveals why he'll never reform Oasis

19 December 2018, 17:00 | Updated: 20 December 2018, 17:15

The former Oasis rocker has revealed why he'd "rather go busking" than patch things up with his brother Liam.

Noel Gallagher has revealed that there'll never be an Oasis reunion because of the way his brother Liam has spoken about his wife and family.

The Ballad of the Mighty I singer and his sibling have been estranged for over a decade, but they're still subject to rumours that the Manchester band will reform.

However, speaking in a new interview, Noel has revealed that although he once thought he would reunite with the band for a certain fee, there's a reason why there's no chance that will happen.

As NME reports, speaking to MOJO he said: "At the beginning I would have said to my management, there’s a magic number.

“If it reaches that magic number I’ll do it. Give me a shout. A couple of monster gigs. Even a tour of the big cities, a world tour, stadiums, burn a load of money, buy a yacht, buy a plane, and another house, then go back to what I’m doing. Easy. I wouldn’t even have to travel with the ****.”

He added: “That thing about my kids and my wife. No way. If I had 50 quid left in my pocket I’d rather go busking. No way, I can’t do it.”

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Noel Gallagher
Noel Gallagher. Picture: Radio X

The same interview saw Noel accuse his brother of only wanting to reunite the band "for his ego".

"Liam wants to do it for his ego - he never gave a shit about the fans, said the Fort Knox singer.

"He wouldn't have walked off stage 25 times in his career if he gave a s*** about the fans."

Liam has since appeared to respond to the interview, taking to Twitter to simply write: "HOW MANY? as you were LG x".

Meanwhile, Liam also took to the social media platform to confirm when fans could expect his second solo album.

The Wall Of Glass singer replied to a fan who believed the follow up to his debut As You Were wouldn't be out before, saying: "Fuck those old farts in mojo they know fuck all about my moves it’ll be bfore September trust me".

The tweet came after the Wall of Glass singer told his 3 million followers that he's returned to the studio record more tracks.

Watch Liam Gallagher talk about the chances of an Oasis reunion to Radio X's Chris Moyles: