Noel Gallagher reveals last conversation he had with David Bowie

15 February 2022, 11:53 | Updated: 15 February 2022, 12:50

Noel Gallagher and David Bowie
Noel Gallagher has talked about the last conversation he had with David Bowie. Picture: 1. Mitch Ikeda/Press 2. Larry Busacca/WireImage/Press

The former Oasis rocker has opened up about the email exchange he had with the Ziggy Stardust icon for the David Bowie Is series.

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Noel Gallagher has revealed the details of an email exchange he had with David Bowie.

It's no secret that the former Oasis rocker is a fan of the late icon and in a recent clip for the latest David Bowie Is project, he explained why the Heroes singer is "up there with the greats of all time".

Speaking about the time he received an email from the man himself after he accepted the BRIT Award for Best Male Solo Artist on his behalf with Kate Moss, he recalled: “The very next night, I got an email pinged through on my iPad.

“It just said, ‘Thanks for the shoutout last night. Keep writing, love David.’ And I was thinking, ‘David? Who’s David? I don’t know anybody called David.’ And then it slowly dawned on me, so I emailed back straight away, ‘Oh, no problem mate…’

"And then he emailed back straight away, and I was like, ‘Am I in a conversation with David Bowie?’"

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The Ballad of the Mighty I singer added: “Turns out it was in fact David Bowie, and he was like ‘Oh, keep writing,’ and I was like, ‘Start gigging.’ He was a dude. A bit too tall for my liking, but still, a bit of a dude.”

Noel went on to cite Let's Dance, Modern Love and Blue Jean as some of his best Bowie songs of all time, but said Let's Dance was the song he always goes back to since "there's not enough dancing in the world".

Watch the clip where Gallagher recounts his tale:

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Noel Gallagher recently showed his appreciation for the late icon, who passed away on 10th January 2016, by giving a special performance of his Valentine's Day track.

The performance was part of a special livestream concert to mark what would have been the Ziggy Stardust legend's 75th Birthday.

The special online celebration also featured the likes of Ricky Gervais, Gary Oldman, Simon Le Bon and John Taylor from Duran Duran, Evan Rachel Wood, Def Leppard and more.

See his performance here:

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