Noel Gallagher says he's collected up to 50,000 cigarettes

30 December 2019, 12:10 | Updated: 30 December 2019, 12:41

Noel Gallagher
Noel Gallagher. Picture: Press

The former Oasis rocker claims he's stashed cigarettes from dressing rooms around the world, even though he stopped smoking five years ago.

Noel Gallagher claims he has a stash of cigarettes, which could be worth over £30,000.

The former Oasis rocker has revealed used to "stockpile" cigs from across the world, which were given to him and his band as part of their dressing room riders.

"I must have between 20 and 50,000 in my house from various dressing rooms all over the world," he told the Daily Star. "I used to stockpile them."

The Wandering Star singer added: "I haven't bought cigs for years. I've still got them in a cupboard somewhere, for when the kids start smoking."

Marlborough Lights (now named Marlborough Gold) were apparently the most popular cigs on Gallagher's rider. As the outlet states that an average pack of 20 costs approximately £11.39, his stash could be worth in excess of £30,000.

Noel Gallagher officially quit smoking in 2015, which he said was "easy" after he experienced a particularly bad hangover.

The This Is The Place singer recalled: "I could never smoke with a hangover anyway but the hangover lasted so long after that and I thought: ‘I haven’t had a cigarette in two weeks,’ and then that’s it."

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Meanwhile, Noel Gallagher recently revealed the only thing he feels guilty about.

The Holy Mountain singer took part in a special three-part interview with Matt Morgan, where he talked about everything from his lack of DIY skills to the death of George Michael.

Asked if there's anything in his life he feels guilty about, or if there's anything you wish he could take back, Gallagher mused: "Regret? Absolutely not. Guilt is a different thing though… like when my nearest and dearest are getting fucking shit on the internet by the morons, I feel somehow it can’t be anything to do with them, because they’re just lovely people going about their lives.

"So they’re only getting it - the disgusting things that these fucking people say on the internet - because they’re related to me."

The Manchester rocker added: "There’s a couple of things I wish I hadn’t said about people, but we all made up in the end and we're friends. It’s all good.

"But you can’t live your life with regrets. Life’s too short."

Watch their interview here:

Noel Gallagher's QUESTION TIME with Matt Morgan [3/3]

The first part of their interview saw Noel discuss George Michael and reveal where he was when he found out he'd died.

When asked what the last thing the Careless Whisper legend ever said to him, the Gallagher replied: "I was at a party at his house one night, and there was a lot of stuff going on in the back garden, and we were in this room with a DJ playing."

There was a few of us in there and for some reason everybody kind of... one by one... left, and I was left behind this big fucking oak door."

He continued: "And I was just about to leave and George came in. He didn't see me. I was behind the door and he came in because someone was playing one of his tunes... and George came in dancing like George Michael."

He concluded: "The last thing he would have said to me was, 'See you later mate'".

Watch a snippet of their interview here:

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