WATCH: Smells Like Teen Spirit In A Major Key Is Messing With Us...

7 January 2018, 07:00

Someone's auto-tuned Nirvana's biggest hit, and we don't know how to feel about it.

If you know anything about alternative music, then you'll know Smells Like Teen Spirit like the back of your hand. We've danced to it in our rooms, sung-a-long to it in our bedrooms more than we care to remember, and the video is basically etched into our minds. 

In fact, the track that put Nirvana on the map, brought grunge into the mainstream AND influenced an entire generation is pretty difficult not to at least have a decent knowledge of. 

But one genius band from California by the name of Sleep Good have changed all that by uploading a video, which sees the 1991 hit totally transformed.

The video, entitled Teen Sprite sees, the grunge anthem played and sung in major key... which basically makes it sound all positive and stuff.

Watch the video above for yourself and marvel at just how weird and wonderful it sounds. 

Oh how different the 90s could have been...

Remind yourself of the original:

Listen to Sleep Good's own tracks here.

It's not the first time a 90s classic has been switched up and totally blown our minds. 

Back in 2016  DJ Cummerbund gave the 1999 fun-loving summer hit a minor makeover... and to be honest... it was kind of a bummer.


Photo credit: YouTube/NirvanaVEVO