Nirvana on In Utero

22 August 2013, 14:41 | Updated: 23 September 2013, 14:01

Nirvana By Anton Corbijn

Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic talk to Radio X's Sunta Templeton about Nirvana’s seminal third album on the twentieth anniversary of its release.

Dave Grohl in In Utero

"When I think about In Utero and what the world was like and what my life was like back then… It's strange, it's kind of a blur."


Krist Novoselic on In Utero

"There wasn't really a lot to change in the mixes, because we didn't work on it on a computer at all. There was no clicking or dragging, no 'Press CTRL V and CTRL C', we weren't on hold with Customer Support. We did it on tape."