These 80s MTV stars dancing to New Order are hilarious

5 April 2022, 17:59

This vintage clip reminds us EXACTLY of Ross and Monica's "Routine"...

We've lost count of the number of bands that use the sounds and fashions of the 1980s. And with the TV series Stranger Things leading the way in using that decade as shorthand for everything quirky and cool, the 80s must have been pretty awesome in every way, right?

Well, no. Of course, it's easy to cherry pick the best bits out of the style loved by previous generations, but spare a thought for some of the more embarrassing moments.

Take a look at this clip, for example - it's from the Club MTV show from the US circa 1989. The programme was designed to play out some of the latest dance tunes that were sweeping the country in a time when the channel was trying to broaden its horizons from big haired heavy metal acts.

Host Camille Grammer introduces a "Club MTV classic" - which turns out to be none other than New Order's 1983 dancefloor banger Confusion. Camille then breaks out in the most outrageous display of body movements we've seen since Bez got a wasp down his shorts.

It's then up to the Club MTV studio audience to throw some shapes as the song plays out, while the video is shown on some strategically-placed TV sets dotted around the room.

New Order in October 1989
New Order in October 1989. Picture: Bob Berg/Getty Images

The spectacle reminds Radio X of nothing less than "The Routine", as performed by Ross and Monica in a classic episode of Friends. The siblings spent middle school practising their ridiculous dance moves and when they needed something to get the cameras to point their way on Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve TV show, you bet they were ready.

To be fair to the dancers in the Club MTV clip, they were probably professional hoofers that were enlisted to bring some funky ambience to the studio and hopefully get some of the viewers at home to start body popping in sympathy.

But when you watch the clip, it's difficult not to smile at the performers trying to get on camera in much the same way Ross and Monica did.

Confusion was a genuine club hit for New Order in the 80s. The Manchester band had enjoyed the night life of New York on their first tour in the US, and when they returned in '83, they'd sought the help of top hip hop producer Arthur Baker to work his magic on the song.

The track has recently been re-released as part of the deluxe issue of New Order's accompanying album Power Corruption And Lies, and the original video has been given an HD remaster.

The vid features both New Order and Arthur Baker heading down to NYC's Paradise Garage to the strains of Confusion, while Bernard, Hooky, Stephen and Gillian all stand around self-consciously like typical Brits. It's the polar opposite of what was going down at Club MTV!