Mumford And Sons' Ben Lovett Seeks Fans' Help To Fight Poverty

Ben Lovett is teaming up with Global Citizen to make a new album Metomorphoses that will aim to fight poverty - and he's recruiting the help of fans across the world to do it.

Some of the world's biggest musicians will join forces with Lovett to record lyrics that are submitted by ordinary fans from across the world for the project.

Lovett has yet to confirm who the other artists joining him on the project will be, but their mission will be to take the words and turn them into songs that can help raise funds to take real action against poverty.

Anyone interested has until 1 January 2016 to submit their lyrics, with the album due to come out late next year.

Coldplay's Chris Martin has curated the Global Citizen festival in New York, featuring performances from bands like Pearl Jam.

Announcing the project, Lovett said: "Everyone knows that music is a powerful force that for thousands of years has inspired change, given hope, and provided healing to people.

"In my opinion it is the purest form of communication, as the subtleties of tone and pitch alongside words and lyrics, allow for a subtlety and precision in expression that we are yet to define solely in our respective languages.

"Metamorphoses will transform your thoughts and feelings into music, giving a voice to the words that might well inspire change, give hope or provide healing for other citizens around the World. And you’d be surprised, often by being most honest and most personal, though it may not seem relevant to others, we find ourselves being the most relevant."

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