The Maccabees: Playing After Bob Dylan is "Surreal"

14 July 2012, 10:51 | Updated: 15 August 2013, 11:00

Orlando Weeks The Maccabees

The band took to the main stage at Benicassim last night - following veteran performer and musical icon Bob Dylan's headlining set.

Speaking to Radio X backstage beforehand Felix and Hugo from the band explained that it was a big moment for them.

"To be playing after Dylan is one of the most of surreal things that will ever happen to us because we grew up listening to Dylan's records and still do all the time - even some of the more recent ones I think are some of the best he's ever made" Felix explained.

And what did he do when he found out? "When I found out? I phoned my Dad. And he's coming as well."

The band are in the middle of a busy festival season - playing Open'er and T in the Park last weekend - including getting stranded at Munich airport while travelling between sites - and Benicassim and Portugal's Optimus Alive this one.

Hugo from the band confessed to Danny that is means - although they are working on new material - it isn't in a cohesive form and, with the last record taking two years, they don't have a history of writing quickly.

"We all write music individually but it's kinda at a later stage when we start putting things together as a band," Hugo explained. "We haven't had any time to start putting those ideas together yet. Hopefully later this year will be the start of it."