VIDEO: Pete Doherty teases new music in recording studio clip

25 January 2019, 13:13 | Updated: 25 January 2019, 14:10

The Libertines frontman has shared footage of himself in the studio with band The Puta Madres.

Pete Doherty has teased what appears to be the start of new material online.

The Libertines frontman has shared a video on Instagram, which sees him in the studio with his band The Puta Madres.

Watch the clip above, which was captioned with the words: "The start of something more…"

Doherty and The Puta Madres have also announced six shows around the UK in February, including a show in Margate where the Libetines' Hotel and studios are situated.

The Don't Look Back Into The Sun singer previously teased that fans can expect more of his solo work by sharing a picture with the band, with the caption: "On the horizon in 2019..."

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On the horizon in 2019... Photo: Thibault Lévêque

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Pete Doherty went viral last year after completing a Breakfast Challenge in a local cafe near Margate, Kent.

The Gunga Din singer shocked fans when images of him surfaced wolfing down the English Breakfast at Margate's Dalby Cafe, which included "eggs, 4 bacon, 4 sausage quarter pounder burger, chips, hash browns, onion rings, bubble, beans or tomatoes, mushrooms, 2 slices of thick bread and a tea or coffee".

A mural then appeared in Southend-on-Sea which came alongside the pun: "For Pete's sake".

See the image here, which is believed to have been created by John Bulley:

Speaking to Radio X's Gordon Smart at Victorious Festival, bandmate Carl Barat and drummer Gary Powell said they weren't surprised.

Watch our interview with them below:

Powell told Radio X's Gordon Smart backstage: “The pig man is back is back in town!”

Doherty’s songwriting partner Barat revealed: “That nickname isn’t lightly earned! He could always eat that amount, so it’s no surprise to me. We’ve seen him eat more than that, haven’t we?”

Powell joked: “It’s his protein breakfast, he gets up at five in the morning, he goes for a run, he goes to the gym… he’s got to energise himself up with some protein and some potassium and stuff… then he goes back to the gym in the afternoon… That’s what he does!"

Look inside The Libertines' Margate hotel: