Liam Gallagher wishes himself a Happy Birthday on Twitter: "I'm still a f***ing legend"

21 September 2020, 10:44 | Updated: 21 September 2020, 10:49

The former Oasis frontman has taken to his favourite social media platform to wish himself a happy 48th birthday.

Liam Gallagher has taken to Twitter to wish himself a Happy 48th Birthday.

The former Oasis rocker woke up in high spirits this Monday (21 September), writing on the platform: "Happy birthday to me happy birthday to me I’m still a fucking LEGEND happy birthday to ME 48 and still getting up people noses LFUCKING x".

The outspoken rocker was then asked a flurry of questions from his loyal followers... and he was as candid as ever.

Quizzed how it felt to be an old man, he quipped: "48 is not old".

Asked whether he'd rather stay old forever or if he likes growing up, he replied: "Young spirit oldish body".

Most importantly, asked if he could some up his life in one song, he revealed: "Supersonic".

While Liam had plenty of birthday messages from his fans, he'll probably be waiting a while to get one from his estranged brother Noel.

However, the Shockwave singer seemed to keep upbeat telling one fan he has no regrets wishing his brother a happy birthday earlier this year, because he "meant it".

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Though Liam was pretty candid on his 48th, he's not been as open as some questions posed to him recently.

Fellow Manchester rocker Ian Brown went viral this month for his anti-lockdown and anti-mask views, but when asked what he thought about The Stone Roses frontman's tweets, Gallagher kept uncharacteristically quiet.

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His former bandmate and estranged brother Noel also hit the headlines for admitting he refuses to wear a mask in a foul-mouthed rant on Matt Morgan's podcast,

While Liam didn't do much talking, former bandmate Bonehead appeared to show his disapproval for Noel's comments by simply sharing a stock image of someone wearing face mask.

Fans were quick to notice the post, with one Oasis fan account writing: "I wonder if this is directed to noel it must be," and another fan writing: "noel needs to see this".

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