Robbie Williams: I'd still "love" to fight Liam Gallagher

28 October 2019, 17:56 | Updated: 29 October 2019, 15:36

The former Take That star has revealed he'd love to set up a professional boxing match with the ex-Oasis frontman to settle their old feud.

Robbie Williams has dredged up his old feud with Liam Gallagher and revealed he'd still love to fight him.

After being friendly with each other, the pair were involved in a bitter row, which saw them both invite the other to fight.

Back at the 2000 Brit Awards, the former Take That singer even suggested they each take £100,000 of their own cash to get in the ring and have a fight.

Asked about the incident by GQ, and if he'd still be up for a fight with the Manchester legend, he said: "Oh, yes please. I'd love it. But I'd want it to be a professional fight"

Asked if he'd still get £100,000 from both of their pockets, he replied: "No, no, because I've just seen how much KSI and Logan Paul made from their fight and I think we could trounce that. But, yeah, I think last time in the noughties Liam wanted to go down to an abandoned railway track or something. I don't want to do that. It's got to be fucking whistles and bells if it happens."

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Liam Gallagher And Robbie Williams at Glastonbury Festival 1995
Liam Gallagher And Robbie Williams at Glastonbury Festival 1995. Picture: Brian Rasic/Getty Images

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If Robbie wants to fight Liam Gallagher, he may have to get in line as the Shockwave singer could have bigger fish to fry.

Gallagher recently hit out at Suede frontman Brett Anderson for suggesting that Britpop was "laddish".

Taking to Twitter this month, the One Of Us singer said: "Check this shit out regarding this britpop nonsense I hear Burt out of suede has said it was very laddish see I disagree I thought it was the opposite I thought it was very BLOUSEY which is why I distanced myself from it LG x"

When a fan told the Manchester rocker that Oasis were their own genre of "BIBLICAL" he responded: "Us and the verve were on a different cloud".

Earlier this month, Gallagher also labelled other Britpop bands as "desperate" and said Oasis were bigger than all of them.

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