Liam Gallagher resorts to wearing gloves to cope with psoriasis flare-up in lockdown

18 November 2020, 13:58 | Updated: 18 November 2020, 16:23

Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher. Picture: Press

The former Oasis frontman has revealed he's taken to wearing protection on his hands as he describes his skin condition as "raging".

Liam Gallagher has resorted to wearing gloves around the house after a flare up of psoriasis.

The former Oasis frontman has previously revealed he has the skin condition, but this week took to Twitter to let his followers know it was "raging".

Asked by a fan what he was up to today, the Supersonic singer replied: "Cleaning the house my psoriasis is raging so wearing gloves all day".

Fans were quick to share their sympathies and remedies with the Manchester rocker, as others revealed they also suffer with the same condition, which can flare up in winter.

It's not the first time Gallagher has talked about the psoriasis, previously recalling a funny story involving a festival-goer at the band's first Glastonbury appearance who mistook the flakes on his shoulders for cocaine.

"I remember coming off stage and I got my clothes robbed," he told Noisey back in 2017. "I [also] remember meeting someone, some very strange kid, who come up to me and thought I had cocaine in my hair."

He explained: "I got psoriasis [skin condition that causes itchy, scaly rashes] so I had obviously been scratching it during the day and that, and there were little white bits and shit.

"They were taking it out of my hair and putting it on their gums and putting it up their f***ing nose!"

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Meanwhile, Gallagher is preparing to release his festive new single All You're Dreaming Of, which is set fo release on 27 November.

Net proceeds from each download and stream will go to the leading charity, Action For Children, from the day of release until 31st December 2020.

Gallagher said of the track: "All You’re Dreaming Of is an instant classic that is perfect for this time of year. Considering the year that we’ve all had, I hope this brings back some much needed love and hope. Bing Crosby would have been proud."

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Last month also saw Liam announce the details of his Down By The River Thames livestream, which will take place on 5 December.

The show promises to include iconic songs from throughout his career with Oasis as well as his new solo hits and some surprises in between.

The Wall of Glass singer said of the event: "To all my brothers and sisters around the world. I'm performing a one-off celestial live performance for you to stream, 'Down By The River Thames', on 5th December 2020. I'll be performing tracks from my two number 1 solo albums as well as some stone cold Oasis classics, some of which you haven't heard me sing for a long, long time. C'mon you know. LG x".

See the stream dates and times for each region below:

Stream 1 – Saturday 5 December 8pm GMT for UK, Ireland and Europe.

Stream 2 - Saturday 5 December 8pm ET for East Coast North America and South America.

Stream 3 - Saturday 5 December 8pm PT for West Coast North America and Central America.

Stream 4 - Sunday 6 December 8pm AEST for Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

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