PHOTOS: Shane Meadows For New Liam Gallagher Video

7 November 2017, 10:38 | Updated: 7 November 2017, 11:52

The Wall Of Glass singer has shared a selfie with the This Is England director, while fans have shared their snaps at Glasgow's King Tuts venue.

Liam Gallagher has revealed his new video involved Shane Meadows and was filmed at Glasgow's King Tuts Wah Wah Hut. 

Taking to Twitter (though accidentally tagging a fan account) he joked that the film maker wanted to make a cameo as an "extra," writing: "Just bumped into hitchiking to be an extra for the video as you were LG x".

However, it's more likely that the This Is England creator may be behind the video, as Liam later tweeted: "Massive thank you to shane meadows his crew and the beautiful people of Glasgow for making that the most pain free video of all time LG x".

It's unclear what the shoot was for, but it appears it may have involved a mini-gig at the famous Scottish venue, where Oasis first got their big break and played the gig that led them to being signed by Creation Records.

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Some fans are speculating the video could be for recent track Come Back To Me, while others joked they were making This Is England '94.

Meanwhile, the Wall Of Glass singer has cleared up claims that he's drinking buddies with Pogues frontman Shane McGowan.

As reported by the likes of The Sun via the Daily Star, the Oasis and Pogues legend were said to be spotted trading stories and drinking in Highgate's Boogaloo bar and music venue.

However, taking to Twitter yesterday, Gallagher wrote: "I've never met Shane Macgowan in my life let alone had a drink with him as you were LG x".

His comments came after it was claimed a source told the Daily Star: “It’s hilarious to watch the pair of them together.

“Shane is still in a wheelchair after he fractured his pelvis a couple of years ago, but Liam is always jumping up and down as he tells his stories. But they aren’t really conversing – they’re just telling their own stories to each other one after the other.

“Shane mumbles something Liam can’t understand, then Liam gets up and starts jumping up and down talking about Oasis and his solo career."

Meanwhile, Liam appeared on Celebrity Gogglebox last Friday (3 November), where he discussed the fact that neither him nor his brothers Noel and Paul can swim.

Watch Channel 4's clip here:

The Stand Up 2 Cancer special - which saw the Oasis legend alongside his mum Peggy and his son Gene - also featured the likes of Ed Sheeran and Jeremy Corbyn.

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