Liam Gallagher on Oasis: "We weren’t that f***ing great anyway"

24 December 2019, 12:07 | Updated: 24 December 2019, 12:13

According to reports, the former Oasis frontman doesn’t believe the Manchester band pushed boundaries like The Beatles or Pink Floyd.

Liam Gallagher doesn’t think Oasis were “that great”.

The Manchester rocker has been reflecting about the band's split after his brother Noel left in 2009, and said they didn’t break any boundaries.

As reported by Bang Showbiz, speaking in an interview with MOJO magazine, he said: "I think we could have banged out a good album but... how long were we together? It's like anything, it does become tiresome at some point.

"Noel had calmed his partying down a bit, turned into a bit of a Victor Meldrew [the grumpy character on British TV show One Foot in the Grave], whereas we were all still having it...

"So maybe he'd just had enough and needed a break."

The Shockwave singer added: "Y'know, we weren't that f***ing great anyway.

"We were alright, we were better than a lot of s**t out there but we weren't pushing the boundaries, we weren't Pink Floyd or The Beatles.

"We didn't make really great records, we were just a good band.”

Gallagher went on to suggest that not all Oasis songs had aged well, telling the magazine: "I always loved Live Forever, Champagne Supernova, got a soft spot for Supersonic cos it was the first one and it still sounds pretty good.

"Some of it hasn't aged well - I'll be honest, I hear it some day and I go, 'Turn that s**t off.' Oasis was a moment in time.”

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Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher. Picture: Press

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It's not the first time Gallagher has put the cat amongst the pigeons this year.

Back in October, the Wall Of Glass singer distanced Oasis from Britpop and said they were bigger than the whole genre.

After sharing his excitement to play San Diego with The Who one fan asked, 'Do you think Oasis were Britpop?"

Without hesitation, the Shockwave singer replied: "We were bigger than britpop all those bands were desperate".

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Meanwhile, the Manchester legend has already revealed his New Year's Resolution for 2020.

The Once singer has had an amazing 2019, touring across the world, releasing is As It Was documentary and scoring a second solo number one album with his sophomore record Why Me? Why Not.

However, unlike his brother Noel - who revealed he's set to take a break next year - Liam shows no signs of slowing down.

Asked for a fan on Twitter what his "new year's goal" is, the Shockwave singer simply replied: "To keep grafting and giving the people what they want young and old".

Gallagher's response might also be a subtle dig at his estranged brother, who he hit out at for calling new Oasis fans "pricks".

Speaking to, Noel said: "I just need to get away from it for a bit. So I don't think I'll start to make an album seriously 'til 2021.

"The thing is, there's a generation now, between 15 and 18 years old, that have just got into the Oasis thing. They've never heard most of what I've done, that's for sure.

"But really, they have no idea what was going on before. So for those little pricks, I'll take great pleasure in ruining their days."

The comments outraged Liam, who tweeted: "For someone who honestly - and I mean HONESTLY - thinks he’s the Paul McCartney of his generation... is seriously deluded. Imagine Macca saying all new Beatle fans are pricks.

"Sorry rkid, you need more than a year off. You are an embarrassment to the family."

Next year is set to be another massive one for Liam, who is already confirmed to headline several British festivals, including Reading & Leeds, TRNSMT, Latitude Festival, and Belfast Vital 2020.

If there wasn't enough chances to see him next year, he's also confirmed a homecoming gig at Heaton Park, where he'll return home to play the 600 hectare park on Saturday 12 June 2020.

Support acts are yet to be announced.

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