Watch This Toddler's Amazing Liam Gallagher Impression

22 July 2017, 18:30 | Updated: 24 July 2017, 17:12

See the tiny tot's impressive take on the former Oasis frontman.

Liam Gallagher tribute acts are probably ten-a-penny, but we've never seen anyone as impressive as young Seth, who's managed to master the Oasis legend at just a couple year's old.

Watch his take on Gallagher in a video which was shared by his dad, Steven, on Twitter.

In the video the curly-haired tot can be seen with his very own mini mic stand and micro maracas, shaking them to his heart's content.

He even manages to copy Liam's signature stance, standing with his hands behind his back as tries to sing Wonderwall on the TV.

Seth also unwittingly seems to display Gallagher's defiant spirit when he suddenly gets bored, drops his maracas and plays with something else instead! 

Now if that isn't a Rock 'N' Roll Star in the making, we don't know what is...

We'd say watch out Gallagher but - luckily for the rocker - he's probably got about 16 years before Seth presents himself as a significant threat.

Meanwhile, Liam Gallagher is continuing his string of solo live gigs, playing Lollapalooza Paris this weekend.

The Wall Of Glass singer comes fresh from appearing at Benicassim last weekend and Glastonbury Festival the month before, where he sang Don't Look Back In Anger for the first time ever.

Watch the moving moment here:

Despite the song being traditionally sung by his estranged brother, Noel, Liam sang the track as a tribute to the victims of the Manchester and London terror attacks, and the Grenfell Tower fire. 

Gallagher's debut album As You Were is also set for release on 6 October.

Find out more about the album here: