Liam Gallagher Tweets That He Got ID’d Buying Cigarettes

30 July 2017, 13:59 | Updated: 30 July 2017, 20:54

Liam Gallagher 2017

The former Oasis frontman is raging again - this time over a shopkeeper…

Liam Gallagher is fuming after a shopkeeper ID'd him for cigarettes.

The 44-year-old rock star loves to let off steam on Twitter and has rushed to the social media site to rage about a diligent shop assistant who refused to sell the restricted packet of cigarettes unless the singer proved his age.

He growled: “I've just been told I can't buy cigs unless I got ID. I'm 4-FUCKIN-4. Has the world gone mad?”

The star is currently in New York, where he's due to play an in-store show at the Rough Trade shop in the city this afternoon (Sunday 30 July).

One eagle-eyed follower noted that he must have been very angry because he forgot his usual sign-off. They replied: “You had to be really mad because you forgot about "LG x". 

Another quoted the title of Oasis' 1995 hit and quipped: “Just roll with it mate, don't look back in anger”

But all was well later, as Liam tweeted that he was enjoying a morning jog around the city's Central Park.

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