Liam Gallagher Swiped Pete Doherty's Bassist For His Tour

31 March 2017, 10:37 | Updated: 31 March 2017, 10:39

Pete Doherty and Liam Gallagher

According to reports, Doherty's bandmate Drew McConnell will be performing at Gallagher's solo live dates.

Liam Gallagher has swiped Pete Doherty's bassist.

The former Oasis frontman is in rehearsals for his forthcoming solo shows and The Libertines frontman is stressing out as Drew McConnell has left the band to join Liam, 44, on the road.

According to the Daily Star newspaper, Doherty said: "Stressification on the band front, Drew playing bass guitar for Liam Gallagher's new tour."

The pair - who have been at loggerheads for years - both have children by 90s indie rocker Lisa Moorish; the Live Forever singer has 19-year-old daughter Molly with the former Kill City singer, while Pete has 13-year-old son Astile.

Moorish has previously shared that Pete is a better father to Liam's daughter than he is.

Speaking in 2009, when Oasis split up, she said: "Pete's a very good father. He wasn't very hands-on when Astile was younger but now he's very involved. We do a lot of things together: long walks, trips to football, to the pub to play pool with the children.

"He is very much his father and Molly has a great relationship with him too. He told her, 'I'm your stepdad and there for you.' I love him for that. She feels security from him, which is nice as, emotionally, she doesn't get that from her own dad."

Liam and Pete have feuded several times over the years, one of the most notable though was At V Festival in 2005.

Liam labelled the Babyshambles star "one big c***" on stage after Doherty didn't turn up for his support slot with Oasis at the Rose Bowl in Southampton.

Gallagher said on stage at the event held in Chelmsford, Essex: "It's good to see Pete Doherty turned up. One big c***."

It wasn't always that way though, as Pete Doherty was once such a big Oasis fan, he queued outside HMV to their Be Here Now album in 1997.