Liam Gallagher On Noel: "He's Treated Me Like A Bit Of A C**t"

1 October 2016, 11:55 | Updated: 2 October 2016, 00:47

Liam Gallagher

The former Oasis frontman explains why he's at a "stand off" with his estranged brother.

Liam Gallagher has talked about the possibility of making up with his brother Noel, explaining why they're at a "stand off".

Asked for during his 60 Seconds interview with the Metro if he thinks he'll make it up with his brother, he revealed: "I guess it would be nice to put it all to bed for me mams sake. 

"I miss hanging out with my brother, I fucking love him but at the same time he's treated me like a bit of a c***".

Comparing their rivalry the Don't Look Back In Anger singer added: "We're having a stand off, but it's a funny one, we're not putting in each other's windows or messing with each other's tyres trying to kill each other.

Talking about his brother's jibes in the past, he added: "He's like: [puts on whiney voice] 'He can't sing'. Fucking do one potato. It's stupid and it's childish and we should know better, but we don't."


When asked if there's a chance of Oasis getting back together, he said: "As long as you're still breathing there's always a chance. Obviously I'd like to do it 'cos there's fuck all else to do. In the meantime a solo record will have to do."

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