Liam Gallagher shares cryptic movie tweet amid Oasis film company rumours

17 March 2021, 18:24

Liam and Noel Gallagher in Oasis
Liam Gallagher and Noel Gallagher have reportedly signed a joint film company. Picture: Michel Linssen/Redferns

The former Oasis frontman has added fuel to the fire amid reports that he and his estranged brother Noel have registered a joint film production company.

Liam and Noel Gallagher are rumoured to have registered a joint film production company.

The siblings and former Oasis bandmates have been estranged since Noel left the Manchester band in 2009, but new reports have led fans to wonder whether a new film about the band could be on the way.

According to The Sun, the brothers have registered the company Kosmic Kyte, which describes its purpose as "motion picture production activities".

The Gallaghers are said to be listed as company directors alongside Alec McKinlay who runs Oasis and Noel’s management company, Ignition.

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Liam has also appeared to tease the news or at least added fuel to the rumours by writing on Twitter: "There gonna put in the movies 🎥 there gonna make a big star ⭐️ out of me c’mon you know LG x".

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Whether or not Liam is referring to launching a joint film company with his brother, there's one thing he will never share and that's the title of frontman.

Earlier this week, the Rock 'N' Roll Star took to Twitter to balk at the idea that there were two frontmen in the band, writing: "How many front men in oasis I always thought there was 1 yours truly app there was 2 learn something new everyday as you were LG x (sic)".

The Supersonic rocker added: "Only time there was ever 2 front men in oasis was when my shadow was lit up by the lights THE END".

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The Wall Of Glass singer might bang on about a reunion every now and again, but his solo career sees no signs of slowing down.

Last year Liam confirmed that this third studio effort would be released by 2021 and now he's even shared what we can expect from its lead single.

Asked by a fan if the first single from the new record will be a ballad or a rock 'n' roll tune, the Burnage boy replied: "Always come back with a banger to wake people up".

Gallagher's third studio album will follow 2017's As You Were and 2019's Why Me? Why Not.

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