Liam Gallagher: Noel's Best Work Was Sung And Nailed By Me

13 November 2017, 12:52 | Updated: 15 November 2017, 14:45

Liam Gallagher and Noel Gallagher

The former Oasis frontman has hit out at his brother again, calling him a "creepy little fart".

Liam Gallagher has taken aim at his brother Noel, and suggested that he's responsible for his best work. 

Taking to Twitter ahead of his US date, the Wall Of Glass singer seemed to suggest Noel had inferred Oasis was his project, writing: "Your thing don't you mean our thing you creepy little fart last time i looked oasis was a group a band a musical combo as you were LG x.

"Must be twisting his tofu that his best work was sung and nailed by his younger brother oh well as you were LG x." 

The comments come as a response to Noel's recent interview in i-D.  

“I don’t give a fuck as long as he promotes it on his twitter feed,” he said when asked if he cares about Liam slagging off his album. “It’s like, I’m over here doing my thing, you’re over there doing my thing, and never the twain shall meet, thank you very much.”

Watch Liam compare his brother Noel to David Hasselhoff.

Meanwhile, Noel has explained having a scissor player at his recent performance on Later... With Jools Holland.

The Ballad Of The Mighty I singer performed his She Taught Me How To Fly track with the tool we're more used to seeing in the classroom than on the stage.

Speaking to Dee Jay, he explained that the woman is in a band where she already plays the cutting implement, adding: "I didn't say to her 'play these scissors and it will confuse everybody.' She plays the scissors. She invented it."

Watch a clip of the interview here:

The Holy Mountain rocker recalled: "When I said to her, 'Can you play tambourine in this song?' she said, 'I don't play tambourine.'"

"And I said oh, 'What can you play?' and she said. "I play the scissors.' And when she started playing them it fucking blew my mind."

Unsurprisingly, his brother Liam gave him plenty of stick for it at the time. After an Oasis fan page asked him if he'd be using the implement for his own performance, the outspoken rocker jested: "Im afraid not but I do have somebody sharpening a pencil it sounds mega with a bit of reverb on it proper out there gear".

When asked the same question by another follower, he wrote: "I'm afraid not but I do have somebody sticking stickers in a book.” He also responded to another follower: "Im afraid not but I do have somebody peeling a banana on stage sounds mega with a bit of reverb.” 

We reckon most people will probably be doing it by Christmas, anyway.

Look, our very own Dan O'Connell has already proved that Don't Look Back In Anger is infinitely better with added scissor percussion:

Photo credit: Peter Byrne/PA Wire/PA Images