You'll Never Guess What Led Zeppelin Could Settle Their Lawsuit For...

27 April 2016, 11:39 | Updated: 27 April 2016, 14:15

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The plaintiff's lawyers have said it is all about giving "credit where credit is due".

Lawyers suing Led Zeppelin members for their Stairway To Heaven single, over claims it sounds like Spirit's 1967 Taurus instrumental, could be set to sue the band over a TINY sum of $1.

However, according to Bloomberg, the catch is that Robert Plant and Jimmy Paige would have to add the late Randy California - real name Randy Wolfe - to the writing credits, thus sharing out any future income made on the track.

Not so tiny, then?

The outlet reports that attorney Francis Alexander Malofiy, who represents Michael Skidmore (the administrator of the trust of the late Randy Wolfe) said: "It's always been about credit where credit is due".

While Malofiy argues the band copied the introduction from Stairway To Heaven from the Wolfe-penned Taurus, Led Zeppelin's lawyers argue the songs were similar due to their musical structure, which has existed for hundred's of years.

Meanwhile, Skidmore, who runs Wolfe's trust, has said that all funds gathered from the suit would go towards The Randy California Project, which gives instruments and music lessons to students in need.

Listen to the two tracks and decide for yourself below: 

Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven


Spirit - Taurus