Kings Of Leon Get To Work On New Album

30 June 2015, 14:30 | Updated: 30 June 2015, 15:48

Kings of Leon

The band are in the studio working on their seventh album, across the street from the studio they built to record Mechanical Bull in 2013.

Kings of Leon have finally started work on new music, two years since their last effort Mechanical Bull was hailed as a return to form.

The band are writing and recording on the same Nashville street that they made their last LP on - albeit this time they're located across the road. The group built their own studio for the recording of Mechanical Bull, but are actually holed up in another building as they begin work on their seventh album.

Caleb Followill told Sirius: "It's a really rad place and I think we can do something cool with it...And you know if we go in there and it sounds like s***, we can just go across the street to our studio."

The plan is to have the new album written by the end of this year, but it sounds like they're in no rush: "Record number seven, most people take like five years to make that or something...We're still in our very early stages of our five-year plan for this next record."

We think that was a joke though.