WATCH: Serge Pizzorno Reveals Kasabian's Biggest New Tune

8 November 2017, 16:23 | Updated: 8 November 2017, 16:46

The guitarist told Radio X's Gordon Smart which of their For Crying Out Loud tracks "sets the tone" for their live shows.

Serge Pizzorno has told Radio X that Ill Ray has become one of the most popular tracks at their gigs.

Watch our video above.

Asked by Gordon Smart which For Crying Out Loud songs had been taken on the most by the fans, the Eez-Eh rocker replied: "I've gotta say Ill Ray's kind of the one that's really taken (off).

"It's weird you can never predict, and that's why I love it, because as much as you think 'ah this is gonna be great..."

He added: "And we open with it. I hope that's not giving too much away, but we open with it. It sets the tone for this hypnotic gathering of people".

Meanwhile, Kasabian have released more tickets to to their For Crying Out Loud tour, and Radio X have four to give away each day this week (6-10 November 2017)

Tune into Toby Tarrant from 6.30am and Gordon Smart from 7pm for your chance to win tickets.