Tom Meighan Opens Up About Split From Partner & Death Of "Great Friend"

13 March 2017, 09:29 | Updated: 6 July 2020, 14:17

Tom Meighan Kasabian performing 2016

The Kasabian singer revealed: "I wasn't taking responsibility and it affected everyone around me".

Tom Meighan has opened up about his split from long-term girlfriend in 2016.

The Kasabian singer separated from Kim James and moved out of his family home to move into a rented flat, after his life took a downward turn.

Tom - who has a four-year-old daughter called Mimi Malone with his ex-girlfriend - told Q Magazine: "Basically my life changed. I'm by myself. Because I lost myself."

Tom, 36, admitted 2016 was a year he'd rather forget - unlike his bandmate Serge Pizzorno, whose favourite soccer side Leicester City won the English Premier League.

He said: "In every way, 2016 was great for Serge, great for Leicester City, s**t for me.

"I had to sort my head out. My attitude. Stuff I was doing. People I was associating with. Not bad people.

"I was the one that was bad, I was in the haze. I was very unhappy, just down. You block it out by just carrying on."

Tom also said his recent woes may have been result of years of negligence, and also talked about the devastating loss of a "great friend".

He explained to the new issue of Q magazine: "It was at the peak of my musical life. Sometimes life throws s**t at you and I didn't deal with it very well.

"I was making myself ill, I ain't gonna lie, my mind was jolted.

"It might have been a build-up from years and years. I wasn't taking responsibility and it affected everyone around me, horrendous."

And while Tom is confident he's on the road to recovery, he also admitted that the recent death of a friend has left him heartbroken.

He shared: "Recently I had a tragedy. A great friend died, couple of weeks ago.

"I ain't gonna go into detail. I'm all right. But the old me would've gone crazy. I would've gone on one, and not thought about it.

"I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. It's not fair."