Serge Pizzorno: "We Moved Our Gig By A Year To Celebrate Leicester City FC's Success"

30 April 2016, 06:00 | Updated: 4 May 2017, 13:53

Serge Kasabian Les-Tah t-shirt

Tickets go on sale today for the band's homecoming gig at Leicester City's King Power Stadium.

Serge Pizzorno has revealed that Kasabian brought their huge homecoming gig forward by a year, due to the unprecedented success of Leicester City FC.

The band announced they'd be playing Leicester's home ground, King Power Stadium, yesterday as their beloved football team look set to win the Premier League. 

Now, speaking to Radio X, guitarist Pizzorno revealed: "We managed just over a couple of days to figure out a way of moving the gig forward a year and they made it happen.

"So it's sort of a bit of a whirlwind, but it's great."

Despite Leicester still needing three points to win, Pizzorno insists its not a case of the band counting their chickens, as they'll celebrate their team regardless of the outcome. 

"Round these parts, if things are going good, then we have a party," Pizzorno explained. "But if things were to turn out bad, then we have a really really big party".

Talking about the team's unprecedented success, the Underdog star added: "It is a proper fairytale, you know. I think Dean Gaffney was 1500 - 1 to win an Oscar this year, and we were 5000-1. That's how mad it is."

Tickets for the gig are on sale now.