Serge Pizzorno Explains The Origins Of “OOSH” In Club Foot

6 May 2017, 12:00

Serge Pizzorno Kasabian on Radio X

The Kasabian guitarist told Radio X's Gordon Smart the story behind their trademark sound.

It's difficult to think of Kasabian without thinking of their huge Club Foot anthem. And it's pretty impossible to think of Club Foot without saying: "OOSH".

But, Serge Kasabian has revealed to Radio X that the memorable sound was actually borne out of a shoddy mic and bad recording equipment.

Speaking to Gordon Smart, the guitarist revealed: "Cause it was so badly recorded, it was just literally a 50p mic going into the amp and it was so loud in the bedroom that the amp was picking up the song as well as the guitar. 

He added: "So when you listened to it, it had this sort of distorted thing that sounded like 'OOSH!' So, I was like: ‘That’s a good noise. We need to do that.'

“And then it became what it was today”. 

Listen to Club Foot below: 

Tom Meighan also told Gordon Smart that "you may as well cut off (his) nuts" if he can't perform on stage.

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Talking  about going on tour, the Kasabian frontman told Gordon Smart: “I just can’t wait to just get out there and do what I do with Serge and the boys, you know.

“Because that’s where it’s at on stage. Like these little gigs we did in London, especially in London were wonderful. And that’s what I live for. 

The For Crying Out Loud singer added: “If you take that away from me you may as well cut off my nuts ‘cause that is my life.”

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