The Cribs: "Johnny Marr Is Like A Normal Member Of The Band"

10 July 2009, 11:09 | Updated: 18 August 2014, 18:07

The novelty of having a guitar legend on board seems to have worn off...

The Cribs are set to launch their fourth album, 'Ignore The Ignorant' and it's the first one to actually feature their guest guitarist Johnny Marr. But it seems that the novelty of having the Smiths songwriter as one of the team has worn off.

"It was really exciting when we first got together and started playing," frontman Ryan Jarman told Radio X's Marsha last night (July 9). "It's still exciting as we have loads more songs to write, but he feels like such a part of the band, we just treat him like we treat each other."

Asked whether he thought Marr was the "dad" of the band, Jarman explained, "Not at all, we're all on exactly the same level, If anything he kind of provokes us into stuff. Not into mischief, but he doesn't want us to get away from what we've always been, which is quite a chaotic band."

Listen to the full interview here

You can download a free track from the album, 'We Were Aborted' right now - details are here.

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