Jake Bugg's Worst Gig Is Seriously Cringeworthy...

26 August 2017, 16:33 | Updated: 7 September 2017, 10:38

Speaking at Victorious Festival, Bugg told Radio X's Gordon Smart about his most embarrassing show, and revealed why his old music teacher has a lot to answer for.

Jake Bugg has opened up about his worst ever gig, ahead of his set at Victorious Festival this Saturday (26 August).

Speaking to Radio X's Gordon Smart in the Strongbow Yard, the Lightening Bolt singer revealed: “The worst gig I’ve ever done is when I was about 14, 15 and I think I invited some girl from school to come and watch me. 

“And then I was about two songs in and my top string broke and I had to be like, ‘sorry I can’t play.’”

Unfortunately the embarrassment didn't end there, with the Nottingham star adding: "And as I was walking out, my music teacher came in and he had this guitar. I was like ‘Sir give us a string’. He was like ‘no.” 

“He wouldn’t give me one. I couldn’t believe it!”

Jake Bugg - who is preparing to release his fourth studio album, Hearts That Strain, in September - has unveiled its lead track in How Soon The Dawn.

Watch the video for the single, a collaboration with The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach, below: 

Speaking about performing his new album ahead of his performance at the Portsmouth festival, the Nottingham songsmith said he was "excited" but nervous to unleash his latest material. 

“You never know how things are gonna go," he admitted. "[Or] If people are gonna like it, so you just have to be patient and see what happens.”

Jake Bugg's Hearts That Strain album is set for release on 1 September 2017.