"What The F*** Is That?": Something Went Very Wrong With Axl Rose's Piano In Houston...

8 August 2016, 14:06

Axl Rose Guns N' Roses Novemeber Rain Piano Failed

Watch the Guns N' Roses frontman experience technical difficulties during their performance of November Rain.

Axl Rose suffered an on-stage mishap when his piano seemed to break during his rendition of November Rain last week.

Guns N' Roses were playing the NRG Stadium In Houston, Texas last Friday (5 August), when Axl Rose began to play the stirring intro to their 1991 hit track. 

However, the frontman soon realised something wasn't quite right, yelling "stop" before asking "what the fuck was that?

Watch the piano fail from about 5:18 below: 

Despite managing to plough through the song with the piano turned down, Rose can be heard saying: " I don't mind if they're's ghosts or gremlins but there's a problem on the fucking song".

Luckily for the band, the drums and guitar sounded fine, and Slash absolutely killed it with his guitar solo, bringing the track to its triumphant climax.

See Guns N' Roses Houston setlist, courtesy of setlist.fm below:

1. It's So Easy
2. Mr. Brownstone
3. Chinese Democracy
4. Welcome to the Jungle
5. Double Talkin' Jive
6. Estranged
7. Live and Let Die
8. Rocket Queen
9. You Could Be Mine
10. Attitude (Misfits cover)
11. This I Love
12. Civil War
13. Coma
14. Love Theme from the Godfather (Nino Rota cover) (Slash solo)
15. Sweet Child O' Mine
16. Better
17. Out Ta Get Me
18. Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd cover) 
19. November Rain("Layla" piano exit intro)
20. Knockin' on Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan cover)
21. Nightrain

22. Catcher in the Rye
23. Don't Cry
24. The Seeker (The Who cover)
25. Paradise City


Photo: YouTube/Space City Shows

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