Axl Rose: We Were Detained In Canada Because We Forgot We "Had A F***ing Gun"

18 July 2016, 10:52 | Updated: 18 July 2016, 10:57

Axl Rose Performing in London in 2016

The Guns N' Roses frontman told the story on stage while at Toronto’s Rogers Centre on Saturday.

Ever gone through customs and forgot you had a gun on you? No? Well, Guns N' Roses have.

The band played a gig at Toronto's Rogers Centre on Saturday (16 July), where Axl Rose revealed they were detained by Canadian customs officials for accidentally carrying a gun.

Watch the video below: 

As YouTube user, SOFUKINGCOOL, details in the video's description, Rose tells the story, saying: “You did what? What? ‘Oh, yeah, we found a gun.’ So we weren’t exactly arrested, we were detained".

“They were very nice. They were very nice. They were very understanding. You know, it can happen. You can forget you had a fuckin’ gun.

Laughing and shrugging he added: “Wasn’t my gun.”

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