Guns N'Roses Bassist To Busk Before O2 Show

31 May 2012, 12:53 | Updated: 25 August 2013, 20:00

Guns N' Roses

Tommy Stinson of Guns N'Roses has announced that he's going to busk before the band's O2 show on Friday.

The bassist and former member of alt.rock legends The Replacements will be down in Greenwich tomorrow (June 1).

"A guitar, a flask, some songs and a few people is all I need," Stinson explained on Twitter .

Stinson has confirmed that he will be busking in Greenwich near the venue around 4pm… "Unless I have a soundcheck, in which case i will do after soundcheck in a pub."

On Tuesday, GNR took to the stage in Manchester an hour late, meaning they didn't finish their set until 2.15am.

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