Billie Joe Armstrong: Harry Potter Gives Me Hope

27 March 2017, 15:20 | Updated: 27 March 2017, 15:45

Billie Joe Armstrong Green Day 2017

The Green Day frontman has described current US politics as a classic story of “good versus evil”.

Bille Joe Armstrong doesn't hold back when it comes to talking politics, and with Green Day currently on tour in the US, the frontman has compared the early days of Donald Trump’s presidency as a “classic tale of good versus evil”.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, the musician thought about how he thought what sort of future his two sons would be facing.

“I look at my kids as the Harry Potter Generation,” Armstrong explained. “There's a sense of justice about that, in beating Voldemort.

“It’s a classic tale of good versus evil. To have a role model like Harry Potter that says you can defeat evil, but still be a complicated human being. That gives me a lot of hope.”


He explained that Green Day still had a part to play in reminding fans that there were other people who thought the same as them, in the face of some hefty opposition.

He explained: “I feel like the government is trying to create a culture war between us in a lot of ways. They're trying to get between your average citizens based on red and blue.

“I want people to feel unity when they come to a show. There are a lot of people in the quote, unquote red states that get a big sense of relief when I say something like ‘Fuck you, Trump’. That's because they're in the minority where they live and at our shows they get this sort of release.

Asked if he looks back at the days of George W. Bush any differently in the light of Trump’s election, Armstrong said: “No. Bush, as far as I'm concerned, is a war criminal. With Trump, we have no idea. Right now it's just a freak show.”