WATCH: Gorillaz Reveal Who Would Win In A Fight

21 April 2017, 12:01 | Updated: 2 August 2017, 14:36

Radio X's Jack Saunders interviewed Murdoc and 2-D from the animated band, and things got heated.

Gorillaz have revealed who they think would win in a fight.

In an interview with Radio X's Jack Saunders, frontman Murdoc and keyboardist 2-D discussed what would happen if the band went head to head, and unsurprisingly the green rocker reckons he'd come out on top. 

Watch the video above.

Murdoc also reckoned he could take on drummer Russel Hobbs, with 2-D explaining: "What you're overlooking is that Murdoc can be very spiteful."

He added: "He doesn't play at all. And he improvises... Like Bourne Identity like spoons and things".

Murdoch confirmed: "I do. I love a good row. I love to have it off. A bit of a row on a Friday."