Watch Foo Fighters play Times Like These for Biden Inauguration celebrations

21 January 2021, 11:31 | Updated: 21 January 2021, 11:40

By Jenny Mensah

See Dave Grohl and co's moving performance of their 2002 hit for President Joe Biden's Inauguration, which they dedicated to "unshakeable teachers".

Foo Fighters were part of the star-studded performances laid to celebrate the inauguration of President Joe Biden.

The special event, dubbed Celebrating America, saw Dave Grohl and co deliver a moving rendition of Times Like These, which their frontman dedicated to his mother Virgina and all the "unshakeable teachers" out there.

Ahead of the performance the Foos frontman said: "This year our teachers were faced with unprecedented challenges, but through dedication and creativity, they faced those challenges head on."

He added that the song went out to all their "unshakeable teachers, who continue to enlighten our nation's kids everyday".

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Watch their full performance below:

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Speaking to the Daily Star's Wired column ahead of their performance, the Foos shared their relief at not having to feel the "humiliation" of being associated with the Trump presidency.

"I can see positives now," said bassist Nate Mendel. "If nothing else, just to not have the consistent barrage of humiliation as a US citizen will be nice.

"We've had a bunch of goons in the executive branch for four years, a lot of damage has happened - it could've been worse.

"To have competent leadership I can't help think we're gonna be in a better place."

However, he also revealed that agreeing to perform at the Celebrating America TV special didn't got down well with some of their fans.

The Learn To Fly rocker added: "There are people on there kind of shocked, 'I can't believe they're doing this, I thought Foo Fighters were apolitical."

Drummer Taylor Hawkins, meanwhile, was much stronger in his opinions, revealing he was thrilled to play a small part in "the firing of that clown".

The 48-year-old sticksman declared: "Trump is a piece of s***, I'm not afraid to say it. Trump divided the States more than ever.

"I'm happy to have contributed to the firing of that clown."

Other stars to have contributed to the various performances across Inauguration day were Lady Gaga, J-Lo, Garth Brooks, Katy Perry and New Radicals, who reformed especially for the event.

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