WATCH: Dave Grohl Talks Joining Nirvana In New Short Film

24 January 2018, 12:40 | Updated: 1 February 2018, 18:19

The Foo Fighters frontman has recalled why he decided to join the grunge band and how he went to see them play live in a film dedicated to Seattle.

Dave Grohl has shot and appeared in a short film all about his beloved Seattle, where he describes meeting Nirvana. 

The Foo Fighters frontman has joined a variety of artists and film makers to talk about the city, which is often referred to as the the birthplace of grunge.

Watch the Dear Seattle series trailer above. 

In his own short film, Grohl describes how he first came to the city after learning Nirvana was interested in making him their drummer,  and recalls going to watch them live before getting drunk with them.

Describing how he was torn leaving his previous band, who he called his "brothers", Grohl revealed it was his mother who actually convinced him to join them. 

He recalled: "I remember getting off the plane and Krist and Kurt meeting me at baggage claim. It was like having the children of the Corn pick you up from the airport.

"When I came up to Seattle, Nirvana was doing a show with another drummer. I get there to this Nirvana show there was about 12,00 other people, and maybe 15 of them looked like they were punk rockers.

"The rest were trailer park kids with greasy long hair..."

Watch his full video below:

He added: "It already felt like it was some sort of movement, but it was unintentional. These people just gathered or were drawn to this thing because it just sounded like they felt. And the energy was just different to anything else i'd ever seen.

"That was my first day in Seattle. I went out and got drunk with all the guys in Nirvana and it was really fun."

Meanwhile, Foo Fighters are currently playing their Australian dates, and their date in Perth on Saturday (20 January) saw their frontman deal with a stage invader. 

The Foos were at the end of their 24-song set and halfway through their Everlong anthem at the nib Stadium, when a cheeky fan decided to break through the barriers and go on stage.

Watch Dave's reaction in a video shared to You Tube by Machin193 here:


After allowing the Aussie fan - known as "Jevon with a J" - to give him a hug, the Foo Fighters frontman joked: "Get the fuck off my stage!"

He then went on to dedicate the rest of the track to the lucky fan, shouting "Jevon with a J" several times before launching back into their 1997 single. 

Lead photo still: YouTube/Visit Seattle TV