These Dave Grohl designs are amazing

14 January 2019, 15:26

Dave Grohl logo mug
Dave Grohl logo mug. Picture: Jem Pomak/

You can celebrate the Foo Fighters frontman’s 50th birthday in style with some excellent items featuring this striking design

Everybody loves Dave Grohl, right? And as it’s his 50th birthday this week, we’re feeling even more sentimental about the Foo Fighters frontman.

The former Nirvana legend turned 50 on 14 January and you can keep him even closer to your rockin’ heart thanks to designer Jem Pomak and online store KatyBlades.

The unmistakable bearded visage of the grunge icon has been turned into a striking design that you can have printed on to pretty much everything.

You can sip your “fresh pots” from a nice ceramic mug as seen above…

And then wash it up using a Grohlesque tea towel…

Dave Grohl image tea towel
Dave Grohl image tea towel. Picture: Jem Pomak/

Before laying your head on this pillow festooned with Big Dave’s image.

Dave Grohl image pillow
Dave Grohl image pillow. Picture: Jem Pomak/

Or you could just keep it simple and have the image as a print?

Dave Grohl image print
Dave Grohl image print. Picture: Jem Pomak/

If you’re not a Foos fan, there are also some fantastic designs of other stars, including David Bowie, The Stone Roses, Lemmy and Paul Weller!

The Stone Roses image tea towel
The Stone Roses image tea towel. Picture: Jem Pomak/

See for the full range, or follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

And you can see more of Jem Pomak’s art via Instagram, Twitter or via