Proof That Dave Grohl's Christopher Walken Impression Is Bang On

29 September 2017, 13:07 | Updated: 14 December 2017, 14:19

Here’s the actual footage that confirms the Chris Walken way to say Foo FIGHTers…

Dave Grohl has revealed a secret talent - impressions! His take on actor Christopher Walken is 100% spot on, as he demonstrated to our very own Chris Moyles this week.

Chatting about the time that Foo Fighters appeared on Saturday Night Live, Big Dave related the tale of Walken asking the band how they wanted to be introduced.

Dave said: "He comes up and asked us if the accent was on the FOO or FIGHTERS. And of course, we know how he speaks…

“I said, I think it’s on ‘Fighters’. He said [adopts low, growling voice that’s perfect Walken], That’s what I thought…”

Grohl's version of Christopher Walken saying "Foo FIGHT-ers" is perfect. And you'll never say the band's name any other way again.

An amazed Chris Moyles responded: “I’ve never heard you do that voice before!”

You can watch the whole interview between Chris Moyles and Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins right here:

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