WATCH: How To Make A Dave Grohl Pancake in 15 Seconds

28 February 2017, 07:00

Dave Grohl pancake

Getting ready to flip out for Shrove Tuesday? Here’s how to bring the rock to your pancakes.

It’s TIMES LIKE THESE you’ll be getting ready for Pancake Day.

Dave Grohl, he’s a real FEBRUARY STAR and MY HERO. So who better to pay tribute to when making a pancake on Shrove Tuesday?

The insanely creative types at Random Breakfasts have concocted this faithful rendition of the Foo Fighters legend’s face… in pancake form.

Watch the video above - and LEARN TO FRY. This is THE ONE recipe you’ll say you’ve been waiting for ALL MY LIFE.

(We’ve run out of Grohl-based pancake puns now, sorry)