WATCH: Dave Grohl Cringes At Old Foo Fighters Demos

18 July 2017, 12:02 | Updated: 18 July 2017, 14:27

Fans are calling for their Slackers Password track - which appears on the Sonic Highways Outtakes - to be released as a single.

More footage has emerged of Dave Grohl listening to old demos,  and he's as hard on himself as ever. 

Watch a clip of the Foos frontman reacting to Watered it Down and Slackers password above, courtesy of Laundry Room Studio.

At the end of the first song Grohl pauses, before saying: "Interesting... And weird."

See the full six minute video below: 

Despite the Foo frontman's uncertainty over the demos, fans appear to be taken with their Slackers Password track, with many calling for it to be a single. 

Meanwhile, the Foo Fighters are preparing to release their Concrete And Gold album on 15 September, and have premiered several tracks during their live shows.

First Grohl and Taylor Hawkins debuted an acoustic version of album track The Sky Is A Neighborhood at benefit concert in San Francisco.

Listen to it here:

Then they treated fans to fifth track, La Dee Da, which they premiered at Iceland's Solstice Festival:

And they've kept it coming, playing Dirty Waterwhich live in Paris this month:

Find out more about the album here: