Foo Fighters "love letter to American Music" - Sonic Highways trailer

22 August 2014, 10:42 | Updated: 22 August 2014, 10:56

Foo Fighters have released the trailer for their upcoming HBO TV series Sonic Highways, which documents the recording of their latest album.

The band's eighth album - the follow-up to Wasting Light - bears the same name as the forthcoming show, but is described as "not a soundtrack album".

It was recorded in eight different US cities - Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Seattle, and Washington D.C - with the band exploring the musical culture of each place during their time there.

Dave Grohl says of the LP: "This album is instantly recognisable as a Foo Fighters record, but there's something deeper and more musical to it. I think that these cities and these people influenced us to stretch out and explore new territory, without losing our ‘sound'."

The trailer for the TV show sees the band exploring iconic studios, spending time with iconic musicians and Dave Grohl speaking to famous musicians about who in their home town influenced them, including US President Barack Obama.

Sonic Highways - the album - will be released on Monday 10 November.

The album will also be available as CD, vinyl and t-shirt bundles  - with the vinyl coming in nine different covers, eight of which are themed on a city where the album was recorded.

Fans will receive one of the 9 covers at random.



1. Something From Nothing

2. The Feast and The Famine

3. Congregation

4. What Did I Do?/God As My Witness

5. Outside

6. In The Clear

7. Subterranean

8. I Am A River


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