Foo Fighters Drop More Clues About THAT Boarding Pass

Foo Fighters Obelisk Airlines website seat

The band have asked fans to choose a flight seat on Obelisk Airlines and launched a countdown clock.

Foo Fighters have dropped yet more clues about their huge flight-themed announcement.

After sending out boarding passes to fans this weekend, the Everlong rockers tweeted from their official account and new "Obelisk Airlines" page that: "In-flight entertainment begins soon".

When clicking on the link, fans are then asked to choose a seat, before they are taken to a page, which shows the monitor at the back of plane seat and a countdown clock for roughly 2 days.

See it here:

Foo Fighters countdown on website

What exactly the announcement relates to is unclear, but it seems to point to the band putting on some kind of show or at least announcing one on Friday at 7.45pm.

Whether it has something to do with Glastonbury or not, fans with boarding passes should definitely be feeling really smug right about now.