What Has Showgirls Got To Do With Taylor Hawkins Joining Foo Fighters?

16 February 2018, 17:42

The Foos drummer recalled the "perfect day" he got the gig with Dave Grohl’s band, and what it has to do with the colourful 90s film.

Being the drummer in a band fronted by ANOTHER drummer isn’t always the easiest gig - just ask Ringo Starr. But for Taylor Hawkins, getting the gig with Foo Fighters was a dream job. And the day he found out he’d passed the audition is a rather fond memory. 

Asked by Radio X’s Chris Moyles if he remembered getting the call from Dave Grohl, Taylor remembered the exact moment he heard the news - it was while getting an eyeful of a a trash movie classic from the 90s.

Hawkins said: "I remember that I was watching Showgirls at the time, in my rented house up in Topanga Canyon. And Dave called to say, You wanna be in Foo Fighters?”

Grohl added: “Right in the middle of Showgirls! I’m sure he was like, sure… I’ll call you back!”

Watch the video above - WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE!

“I’ll forever in my mind have Showgirls and the phone call from Dave saying you’re in the Foo Fighters linked together,” laughed Taylor. “Which is amazing. It’s a perfect day.”

Hawkins was playing in Alanis Morissette’s band when William Goldsmith left the Foos just before the release of the album The Colour And The Shape in 1997. Taylor heard the news on the radio and called the Nirvana legend to announce, “I hear you’re looking for a drummer”.

To his surprise, Grohl’s response was: “Yes, do you know any?”

Dave explains: “Taylor was playing with Alanis Morissette, who was selling out stadiums all over the world. I imagined that for him to play drums in the Foo Fighters would be considered a demotion.

“They’re playing stadiums all over the world, why the fuck would he wanna join our band - that was playing the Astoria on a Tuesday night?

“THAT’S why I asked… far be it for me that I would POACH someone else’s drummer.”

Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins recently met with Chris Moyles in London for an in-depth chat - you can watch the whole interview right here.

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